DConf 2014 Discover D programming through their keynotes

Cheer readers,

Each year now, D community go to DConf  event. It is event for everyone and everything related to the D language and environment.

D is a fantastic language once you have learn D you won’t user another language :-)

Usually community use #dlang and #dconf as hashtag with this you will be able to read more about D programming.

This year event has started wednesday May 21 and ended friday May 23. All talk are accessible online.

To start event schedule is here:  http://dconf.org/2014/schedule/index.html

Opening Keynote: State of the struct address – Andrei Alexandrescu

Keynote: The Last Thing D Needs – Scott Meyers

If you want to get D news i recommend to follow them at twitter: https://twitter.com/D_Programming

More videos are incomming as talks about big-data and D, do not miss it !!!!

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Jonathan MERCIER aka bioinfornatics


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