Three Cool Things about D

This 5 June 2014 Andrei Alexandrescu give a talk at NDC about D programming. NDC is Norway’s largest conference dedicated to .NET and Agile développement.  Along with ProgramUtvikling, Microsoft Norge AS is also supporting the conference and doing its bit to make the event a real boost for developers in the industry.


Three Cool Things about D from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

Andrei Alexandrescu
05 June 2014 10:20 – 11:20

C++ has been through many battles and won most of them. Invariably it has been patched with more armor, given more makeshift weaponry, and sent back to battle. Many contenders have tried to spell its demise, but C++ has remained undefeated ruler in one niche: high-performance systems with difficult modeling challenges. Between the halt of Moore’s law for serial speed and the continued demand for performance, one thing has become clear: a replacement for C++ must be good at what C++ is good at, and good at what C++ is bad at. The D programming language is that contender. It packs much more punch in a much smaller package. Better yet, D has the flexibility to compete against other languages on their own turf.

This talk gives an introduction to the D programming language along with its motivation and basic tenets.

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