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Welcome on my blog,

Who I am? I am Jonathan MERCIER, I like computer since and much more about all thing around open source. On my leisure time I contribute to GNU Linux Fedora or I do some personal devloppement. I am a bioinformatician  and I am very curious about new technologies l applied for in my field.

When you enter in the gnu geek cave your knowledge increase step by step. Now I have some skills with:

  • C
  • C++
  • D ( my favourite )
  • Java/JEE
  • python
  • perl
  • php
  • xhtml / ajax / javascript


With Fedora communoty I create and maintain some package (RPM):

  • earth-and-moon-background
  • gdesklets-citation
  • gdesklet-SlideShow
  • ldc
  • gl3n
  • tango
  • dustmite
  • derelict
  • glfw3


That is done!

bioinfornatics, Jonathan MERCIER



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